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Baby Tata Infant Massage Basics

Here is a simple infant massage routine to do at home to help your baby relax!


  • You will need baby massage oil, a massage cushion or comforter. Keep a blanket if the baby is cold and a towel for accidents.
  • Place your baby on the comforter
  • Place some baby massage oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together. This will warm up your hands.
  • Baby Massage: Back
    Babies love having their backs massaged because it helps to relieve the aches and pains of their growing muscles.

    Sweep & Slide

    1. Begin by placing your baby on their tummy.
    2. Place your finger tips at the top of their back and begin by sweeping & sliding the palms of your hands from side to side, moving down towards the buttocks
    3. Make sure that your fingers remain close together so that you are applying pressure evenly
    4. As you reach their buttocks, without lifting up your hands, begin to sweep back up towards their neck
    1. Place your finger tips on either side of the spine and make small circles
    2. Again we will move from the top of the spine down towards the buttocks
    3. Now make circles on the opposite side of the spine
    4. Remember to stay to one side of the spine or the other. Never apply direct pressure on their spine
    Baby Massage: Legs & Feet
    Now lets move to the legs. Gently place your baby on their backs. Babies love to have their legs massaged; and it helps them as they learn to crawl


    1. Lets start by doing Squeegee. The Squeegee is very popular for its known ability to increase the babys circulation.
    2. With your left hand hold onto their ankle and foot
    3. With your right hand make the backward letter C
    4. Wrap your fingers around their leg and stroke upward in long sweeping strokes
    5. Alternate your hands now so that your right hand holds their ankle and your left hand makes the letter C and stroke upward.
    6. Then move to the other leg.
    1. Hold on to your babys left foot in your hands
    2. Take your thumb and press all over the bottom of their feet. Move to the other foot.
    3. When you stimulate the nerve endings in the feet, it helps increase circulation and relaxes the whole body
    We hoped you enjoyed this infant massage routine. Check out the Baby Tata Infant Massage DVD for more routines to help with colic, sleeping, and general baby development!
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